Hair Salon Services at Discounted Prices – Exclusive for Pensioners!
Name Description
Blow Drying We will blow dry your hair into the beautiful style that you will like and love.
Setting Wanting your hair style to last a little longer? Setting is the best way to finish your hair off.
Shampoo Cut & Blow Dry The staff at Renelle’s Cutting Edge will give you a relaxing shampoo and message before every cut. Then finishing off with your blow dry.
Shampoo cut & Dry off We will give you a relaxing shampoo and massage then cut and a quick dry off so you can see your style.
Men’s shampoo & Cut Everyone loves a shampoo and massage before the cut.
Perm’s We can give you that beautiful wash and wear look or we can give you that wonderful natural look by perming your hair to add volume.
Colours Tinting your will make it lighter or darker giving you that colour you will love. Regrowth will need to be re done every 6 weeks
Semi Colour Are a great colour to blend your natural tones in your hair. Semi Colours will slowly wash out so you want get a regrowth.
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Renelle’s Cutting Edge Hair Salon offers professional services for pensioners who still want to look good and feel good with their hair. Discounted rates are offered for pensioners who will avail of our ladies’ services.

Our hair salon experts offer professional services to give pensioners the treatment that they deserve. We offer special discounts while maintaining the quality of our hair salon services.

Simply visit our hair salon to get the hair salon treatment that suits your needs at discounted rates!

We also give 10% Discounts for all Pensioners
And a extra 10% off if you re-book