WOMEN’s Services
Name Description
Blow Drying We offer blowdrying services to help you achieve a highly polished look and feel. Our hair stylists offer blow dry services that leave your hair with lasting softness and increased manageability. The best part is that they can blowdry your hair without causing damage!
Shampoo cut & Blow Dry Renelle’s Cutting Edge Hair Salon makes the task of drying, smoothing and straightening your hair simpler with our blow dry service. This hair salon service will leave your hair soft, sleek, healthy-looking , and more manageable.
Shampoo cut & Dry Off We can help prep your hair and have it styled through cutting and shampooing service. We stay updated with the latest hairstyles to make sure that you will get the hair style of your choice!
Style Cuts Thinking of cutting your hair but can’t decide on the best choice of hairstyle? Our hair cutting experts are experienced to help achieve the look that you want. Whether you want a hair cut to change your style or if you prefer a classic hair cut, we can help find the perfect style that suits your look and lifestyle!
Fringe Trim Our hair stylists can help maintain your new hair cut and style. Preserving your stylish front bangs is simple and we’ll make sure that you will be able to stick with your hair style for as long as you want. Visit Renelle’s Cutting Edge hair salon for a quick fringe trimming service.
GHD Curls We can give you sexy curls or just beautiful soft waves
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Renelle’s Cutting Edge Hair Salon offers professional services that meet the specifications of ladies who want to look good and feel good with their hair.

We put our professional experience as hair stylists at the forefront of all we do. Renelle’s Cutting Edge Hair salon has the best hair stylists with excellent reputation. Our hair experts are highly qualified to offer exceptional hair salon services and even give the best recommendations to clients.

We stay up-to-date with the latest trends in hair styling to help you achieve a look that can make heads turn!